FR44 Insurance Quotes

How to Get Multiple FR44 Insurance Quotes in Under 5 Minutes

If you’re wondering how  you can find “reasonable” FR44 Insurance Quotes, look no further. We’ll tell you what to look for and how to shop the market in under 5 minutes.

What Companies Offer FR44 Insurance Quotes?

Shopping for High Risk Auto Insurance, like a Florida FR44, can be a frustrating venture. Most of the insurance companies you’ve heard of; i.e. Geico, State Farm, Progressive, All State, etc. either don’t offer FR44 insurance products or they’ve purposely priced themselves out of the market in an effort to minimize high risk driver’s on their books. In fact, if you contact the top insurance companies and notify them that you need an FR44, they could cancel your existing policy immediately.

Fortunately there are companies out there that specialize in the FR44 Insurance market. These companies will provide the cheapest FR44 Insurance Quotes. The problem is that since you’ve never heard of them, you’ll be hard pressed to find them for pricing. This is where an agency specializing in the FR44 market will save you a lot of time and energy. They can shop the market across a number of these niche companies and quickly identify the lowest FR44 Insurance Quotes available.

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Why Do FR44 Insurance Quotes Vary From Company to Company?

Pricing for an FR44 is affected by a number of factors; age, gender, marital status, driving record, demographics, etc.  Different insurance companies assign different “weight values” to the variables used to determine prices. Where one company may assign a higher value to a person’s age, another company may assign a higher value to where a person lives. This is why insurance pricing can vary greatly. It’s also why shopping the market across many different companies is so important. All Florida FR44 policies will come with 100/300/50 coverage; that’s the law. In fact, the only real discretion insurance companies have on FR44’s is how much they want to charge for them. You’ll routinely find the exact same product from one company be hundreds (even a thousand) of dollars cheaper with another. If you get the same thing, why wouldn’t you pay as little as possible?

What Information Will You Need to Get an FR44 Insurance Quote?

You’ll already know a vast majority of the information needed to run a quote. Information you may not be able to provide without looking it up would be your Driver’s License Number and your Florida FR44 Case Number. It is not required to provide your Social Security Number for a FR44 Insurance Quote. Things like Name, Birth Date, Address, Marital Status, whether or not you own a vehicle, etc. are common questions any insurance company will need answers to.

FR44 Insurance Quotes

In conclusion, if you know where to look, you can quickly shop the market for the best FR44 Insurance Quotes. Once identified the insurance agency can bind your policy and provide you with your Florida FR44 Certificate in a matter of minutes.

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A DUI conviction in the State of Florida will require an FR44 Insurance Policy with 100/300/50 Coverage. You must generally keep this policy in force for 3 years from your conviction date.

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Simply put, if you need a vehicle listed on your policy, you 'll get a Florida FR44 Owner Policy. If you don't, you'll get a Non-Owner policy. Both come with the required 100/300/50 coverage.

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