Florida DUI Suspension Laws

Florida DUI Suspension Overview

If you’ve been convicted of a Florida DUI, here’s what you’re up against.

First DUI Conviction in Florida

1st DUI: You will receive a suspension of 180 days to 1 year. If there was a serious injury involved in the incident, you can get up to a 3 year revocation of driving privileges. Florida DUI treatment and school, if mandated, must be fulfilled. You can apply for a hardship license, which will allow you to operate a motor vehicle for work-related situations. You must also show proof of Bodily Injury Liability Insurance of 100/300/50 (A Florida FR44). You must continuously maintain this insurance policy for a period of 3 years from the date of conviction. For detailed information, visit the Florida Department of Motor Vehicle website.

Florida DUI Suspension

Second DUI Conviction In Florida

2nd DUI: A second Florida DUI Suspension, if longer than 5 years from the first offense, carries a 180 day to 1 year revocation. However, you can not reinstate early for a hardship license. If the second DUI is within a 5 year window from the first, you will receive a 5 year revocation. After serving one year you may apply for a hardship license. You must obtain a Florida FR44 policy and ensure that it remains active throughout your conviction time period. You must also complete all classes and treatments as outlined during your conviction phase. Detailed information for your second Florida DUI Suspension can be found on the Florida Department of Motor Vehicle’s website.

How to QUICKLY Get Your Florida Driver’s License Reinstated After a DUI

Third DUI Conviction in Florida

3rd DUI: A third Florida DUI Suspension, if longer than 10 years from the second conviction, results in a 180 day to 1 year revocation. You must serve at least 2 years of this before you can apply for a hardship. As with other Florida DUI suspensions, you must fulfill all school and treatment requirements as well as obtain a Florida FR44 Insurance policy. Failure to complete the mandated requirements will result in the revocation of your driver’s license. If the third DUI happens prior to a 10 year gap from the second DUI conviction, you will receive a 10 year revocation. More information regarding a 3rd Florida DUI Suspension can be found here.

Fourth DUI Conviction in Florida

4th or Subsequent DUI: A fourth or greater number of DUI convictions means you must serve 5 years of the revocation period before applying for a hardship. All schooling and treatment mandates must be completed. Again, as with previous convictions, a Florida FR44 must be obtained and maintained throughout your conviction period. Find detailed information on a fourth or greater Florida DUI Suspension here.

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A DUI conviction in the State of Florida will require an FR44 Insurance Policy with 100/300/50 Coverage. You must generally keep this policy in force for 3 years from your conviction date.

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