Veterans Treatment Court

Veterans Treatment Court

Veterans Treatment Court is a nationally recognized program designed to provide essential substance abuse treatment services, mental health services, or both, to current and former military service members who have been arrested for a criminal offense.

One goal of the program is to divert veterans from incarceration and into treatment when there is a relationship between the offense or diagnosis and the veteran’s military service.

The court-supervised, comprehensive treatment program utilizes a collaborative approach includes drug and alcohol testing, regular court appearances, and educational opportunities intended to provide the participants with the skills necessary to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle and reconnect with their families and community.

By coordinating with the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), Veterans Treatment Court provides eligible veterans the opportunity to receive specialized substance abuse and mental health treatment services, one-on-one veteran peer mentor support, and assistance in gaining access to veteran health care and benefits from the VA.

Services are provided through outpatient services. However, residential (in-patient) services also are available to those participants who need a higher level of treatment.


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