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What is Florida FR44 Insurance?

If you’re convicted of a DUI in the State of Florida, you’ll more than likely need FR44 Insurance. While not insurance in itself, it’s a Financial Responsibility Certificate required by the State, showing you have the required 100/300/50 coverage in place. The only other State requiring this type of insurance is Virginia. Typically you must maintain FR44 Insurance for a period of three years from your conviction date. This can vary on occasion and you’ll want to refer to the Florida DMV for your specific case.

What Coverage Does FR44 Insurance Require?

You will be required to carry 100/300/50 coverage, which is far above the minimum requirements of 10/20/10 in the State of Florida. What does this mean?

  1. You’ll have $100,000 coverage for a single injury in a single incident.
  2. You’ll have $300,000 coverage for multiple injuries in a single incident.
  3. You’ll have $50,000 coverage for any Property Damage in a single incident.

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What Types of FR44 Insurance are Available?

There are basically two types of FR44 Insurance. Without going into a lot of detail, you have a Non Owner and an Owner policy. If you do not own a vehicle, but still want your license back, you can purchase Florida FR44 Non Owner Insurance. If you do own a vehicle you will be required to purchase Florida FR44 Owner Insurance. The Owner version is always more expensive than the Non Owner due to the fact that the insurance company is taking on the liability of covering a vehicle. Follow this link for additional information regarding Florida Non Owner FR44’s.

Do You Have to Purchase FR44 Insurance?

No. You can actually just wait your time out without purchasing an FR44. If you were given a 3 year driving suspension, and you simply didn’t drive for the entire three years, you would be able to walk into a Florida DMV on the day after your suspension and have your driver’s license reinstated. Now most people aren’t able to go three years without being able to operate a motor vehicle, but if you’re one that can, it is an option.

FR44 Insurance

How to Find the Cheapest FR44 Insurance Price

Many companies offer FR44 Insurance. While the coverage must be the same (100/300/50) on all of them, it’s at the insurance companies’ discretion as to what they want to charge for the policy. Different insurance companies weigh different variables to be more or less relevant. One company may put more emphasis on age than another… or where you live… your driving record, etc. Therefore, you’ll want to work with an agency that shops Multiple Companies to find the best price for your unique situation. Make sure that agency is familiar with the FR44 Insurance Filing Process or you could incur additional fines and suspension times.

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A DUI conviction in the State of Florida will require an FR44 Insurance Policy with 100/300/50 Coverage. You must generally keep this policy in force for 3 years from your conviction date.

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Simply put, if you need a vehicle listed on your policy, you 'll get a Florida FR44 Owner Policy. If you don't, you'll get a Non-Owner policy. Both come with the required 100/300/50 coverage.

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