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Florida FR44 Insurance Basics

General Florida FR44 Insurance Facts

Florida FR44 insurance requires 100/300/50 coverage. You can get an FR44 with or without a vehicle attached to it. If you don’t own a car, a Non-Owner FR44 will allow you to drive any vehicle as long as that vehicle is covered  under the owners insurance. If you have a vehicle attached to your policy, the Florida FR44 Insurance will act like traditional insurance. Once your FR44 is purchased and your driver’s license has been reinstated, you must keep your policy active. If you let your policy lapse, you will usually get 3 more years of having to carry an FR44 by the Florida DMV. We’ve had multiple clients that carried a Florida FR44 for over two years, let their policy lapse, and got 3 additional years. Obviously this is a very costly mistake and should be avoided at all costs.

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What Can I Expect From a Florida DUI Conviction

While the court system makes the final decision, your First DUI can come with a 180 day to 1 year driver’s license suspension. If serious injury occurred during the event, you could get a 3 year revocation. If you still need to operate a vehicle for work, you can generally apply for a hardship license. This will give you the ability to drive during certain hours of the day; i.e. to get to work, get groceries, etc. You will probably have to attend a DUI Class and/or treatment program. There is a series of requirements you’ll need to complete before your license will be reinstated and in order to keep your license valid. You may also be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device. This is a machine placed in your vehicle that requires you to blow into a tube before you can start your car. The machine reads the Blood Alcohol Level. You must periodically blow into the device to ensure your Blood Alcohol Level remains compliant.

How Much Does Florida FR44 Insurance Cost

While this seems like a pretty straight forward question, it isn’t. Pricing varies greatly due to a number of variables. Some of the factors taken into consideration are:

  1. Where you live.
  2. Your driving record.
  3. The severity of your infraction.
  4. Your age.
  5. Your gender

This isn’t a complete list, but you get the idea. Additionally, pricing for the exact same product will differ between insurance companies themselves. You always want to work with an agency that has many options and can search multiple insurance companies at the same time. Insurance pricing also changes often. What was the best price six months ago may not be the best price today. Ask your agent to shop your insurance every time your policy comes up for renewal.


A DUI conviction in the State of Florida will require an FR44 Insurance Policy with 100/300/50 Coverage. You must generally keep this policy in force for 3 years from your conviction date.

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Simply put, if you need a vehicle listed on your policy, you 'll get a Florida FR44 Owner Policy. If you don't, you'll get a Non-Owner policy. Both come with the required 100/300/50 coverage.

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