What to know when calling for fr44 quotes

When you caLL OR use our on-line quote system, it is helpful to have some information ready.

1. Your Drivers License – State issued and the Drivers License Number

2. Information about your vehicle, if you own one – year make model and VIN.

3. You will be asked what State you need your FR44 filed in – this is either Florida or Virginia

4. If you were convicted of a DUI you will need an FR44 Insurance certificate, if you are a high risk driver a SR22. Which court and the case number are extremely helpful If you are not sure, we can figure this out for you.

5. If you currently have insurance, it is helpful to know policy number, the company that issued it, and the term of the policy.

So to answer the question “What to know when calling for fr44 quotes?” the above items are the things you will need to know and provide when calling for FR44 Quotes.

It is important to know that at FR44 and SR22 Insurance Experts, all we do is provide these two types of Insurance policies – FR44 Automobile Insurance for Florida and Virginia and SR22 Insurance nationally. We are the #1 Insurance in Florida for FR44 Insurance – we provide thousands of policies every year and have over 15 years of experience with High Risk Policies. FR44 and SR22 Insurance is all we do and we do it exceptionally well. We are a long-standing member of the National Ethics Association.

Fr44 and SR22 Insurance Experts is owned and managed by Sam Ridgeway who is a US Army War Veteran. You can meet Sam in any one of the videos that are on this site and should be able to judge for yourself the honesty and integrity he possesses.

Call us or use the online quote system and with the information you provide, we will shop at least 10 A Rated Insurance Companies and get you the very best policy based on your needs at the absolute cheapest rate.


A DUI conviction in the State of Florida will require an FR44 Insurance Policy with 100/300/50 Coverage. You must generally keep this policy in force for 3 years from your conviction date.

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Simply put, if you need a vehicle listed on your policy, you 'll get a Florida FR44 Owner Policy. If you don't, you'll get a Non-Owner policy. Both come with the required 100/300/50 coverage.

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