FR44 & SR22 Insurance Experts - your choice for FR44 Florida Insurance.  We are a family owned company that provides the DUI Insurance and High-Risk Insurance you need.  We have Florida's cheapest prices for the highest rated Florida FR44 policies available.  If you need FR44 Florida Insurance, we are the right company for you.  We put customers first, we have been in business for over 10 years and specialize in Florida FR44 Insurance.  We offer free quotes.

 FR44 Insurance Florida is available within 5 minutes of your call.

Monthly Payments are available!!!


We can have your Florida FR44 bound and filed with the state in less than 5 minutes. We help people get licenses reinstated, even if they are standing at the DMV!


We shop a number of companies to ensure you always have the best product at the best price.


If you have a vehicle you need an Owner Policy. If you do not own a vehicle you need an Non-Owner policy. It is really as simple as that. We can explain what this means when you call.




While we process quotes as quickly as we can in the order they were received, we get a lot of requests for Florida FR44 Insurance. Many times calling is a faster way of getting your quotes and learning your options.
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Florida FR44 Insurance - Reinstating Your Drivers License
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The Fastest Way to Get your Florida License Reinstated

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FR44 Insurance – People first!

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At FR44 & SR22 Experts, we put People Above Commissions. We’re a family owned agency that’s been in business for 10 years. Our motto is, “Take Care of the Customer First and the Rest Will Work Itself Out On Its Own.” Sam Ridgeway is a family man – a husband, a father, a grandfather. He has grandchildren. Sam is also a War Veteran having served in the US Army in the Gulf War and cares about our Veterans and the services they receive. He is a member of the National Ethics Association and tries to make a difference for those that need his help. FR44 & SR22 Experts is a family company. It’s been in business for over a decade…

Why Should I work with FR44 & SR22 Insurance Experts?

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Meet Sam Ridgeway.  Sam is the owner and managing partner of Fr44 & SR22 Insurance Experts.  One of the questions Sam expects people to ask is “Why should I work with FR44& SR22 Experts?”  Individuals that have been classified as “high-risk drivers”, which can be the result of many things including a poor credit score EVEN IF IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!!!  may find themselves in need of this insurance.  One of the requirements of license reinstatement in Florida after a DUI conviction is FR44 Insurance.  Providing GREAT insurance, meaning insurance with an A-rated carrier, is a very specialized market that most insurance companies do not participate in.  Most insurance agents have very limited knowledge and experience in providing this insurance for…

How Fast Can I Get A Florida FR44?

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FR44 & SR22 Experts are the Industry Leaders in the Florida FR44 insurance market. We literally sell thousands of policies every year. Today we discuss how long it takes to actually get a Florida FR44 from the time you call until your policy is bound. There’s a reason this is an important question. Every day we have people call us and say, “I need an FR44, like yesterday”. Some went to get their driver’s license reinstated and were told they need to get an FR44 first. Others were getting an ignition interlock device and were told they need an FR44 before the company would install the product. Still others show up to court and are told they need an FR44…

How to Find the Cheapest FR44 Insurance

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Hello again. It’s Sam Ridgeway with and today we’re going to talk about how to find the cheapest FR44 insurance. First, there are many variables that factor into the pricing of an FR44 policy. Some of those variables are: Where you live. You see, certain areas have a higher number of auto insurance claims than others and, if you live in one of those areas, you’re going to pay more for your FR44 Insurance. Do you own a car? If you own a vehicle you’re going to pay more than if you don’t. This is because the insurance company has to cover the vehicle on an FR44 Owner Insurance Policy, but doesn’t cover a vehicle on an FR44 Non-Owner…

Florida FR44 – What Is A Florida FR44?

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Today I want to discuss the topic of “What Is a Florida FR44”? In simple terms, a Florida FR44 Auto Insurance Policy has three main coverage components. You’ll often see the coverage listed as 100/300/50 on the Insurance Policy. When reading the FR44 Auto Insurance Policy, the 100 means you’re covered up to $100,000 for any bodily injury you would inflict, $300,000 is the maximum payout for the injury of 2 or more people, and $50,000 is the maximum paid for any property damage you might have caused. You can always purchase more Insurance coverage, but you won’t be legal if you purchase less Insurance coverage. There are two “flavors” of Florida FR44 Auto insurance. If you have a vehicle,…

Florida FR44 Insurance

Receiving a DUI in Florida is probably one of the most frustrating events of your life. While there's nothing we (or anybody) can do to make it a "pleasant experience" overall, we can certainly make it CHEAPER. We specialize in Non-Owner and Owner Florida FR44 Insurance Policies. By shopping the market across multiple insurance companies, we're able to find the cheapest Florida FR44 Insurance with A rated or better companies. This philosophy allows us to repeatedly sell literally thousands of policies each year while giving Floridians what they're looking for... getting their drivers' license reinstated. In fact, by shopping the market, we generally find Florida FR44 policies that are thousands of dollars cheaper than competing quotes. Let us find you the lowest price today! Call us at 1-855-678-6977 or access our Online Quoting Page for Free, No Obligation Quotes.

What is a Florida FR44?

In simple terms, a Florida FR44 has three main components. You'll often see the coverage listed as 100/300/50. These numbers represent the coverage required on the policy. You can always purchase more coverage, but you won't be legal if you purchase less. For a more detailed explanation of these terms, please visit our FAQ's Page.

You can also purchase two "flavors" of Florida FR44 insurance. If you have a vehicle, you'll want what's called a Florida FR44 Owner Policy. If you don't have a vehicle, you can purchase a Non-Owner Policy. The Florida FR44 Non-Owner policy will always be the cheapest way to go since the insurance company doesn't have to cover the cost of replacing a car. For a more detailed explanation of Florida FR44 Owner and Non-Owner policies, visit our Owner vs. Non-Owner page.

What Does a Florida FR44 Cost?

Unfortunately this is like asking, "What does a car cost"? There are far too many variables to consider when purchasing insurance; age, gender, location, driving record, etc. However, by working with an agency that can shop across multiple companies, you can be assured you'll always be getting the best price. If you'd like to get free quotes, please visit our Free Quotes Page.

How Long Do You Have to Carry a Florida FR44?

If we had to give a quick answer to this question, it would be three years. This is from the date of your conviction; not the date that the incident occurred. While the legal system can make exceptions, we'd say three years is the requirement in a vast majority of cases.

Long Does it Take to Get a Florida FR44?


The quick answer is Less than 5 Minutes. As soon as we have all of the required information, we shop multiple companies through a powerful Quoting Engine. This allows us to quickly find the lowest price and, since we only work with "A" rated companies, you can be assured we'll only recommend carriers that will be there for you if something goes wrong. We routinely provide Florida FR44 policies to clients standing at the DMV. We can even fax your coverage immediately.

You won't find a more professional agency with cheaper pricing anywhere in the State of Florida. You'll get the Best Advice and the Fastest Florida FR44 Filing! All of the companies we work with must provide the minimum coverage requirements. Therefore, what we're really trying to find is the lowest-priced plan.

What if I Let my Florida FR44 Policy Lapse?

You're not going to like the answer to this one. If your policy should lapse, you will probably have three additional years added to your requirement. It doesn't matter if you've done everything you're supposed to do for two and a half years prior to the lapse. If you let your policy cancel, you're in for a lengthy and expensive consequence. The bottom line; never let a Florida FR44 policy lapse!

What is the difference between FR44 insurance and SR22 insurance??

Currently, there are only two states that require FR44 insurance filings, Florida and Virginia. The FR44 is a proof of insurance certificate that requires the driver to have higher liability limits on the auto insurance policy due to a DUI. Driving under the influence in one of these states will result in much higher car insurance premiums and a three year period of filing an FR44 form. The cost of the filing is only $25-$50 but having the DUI on your driving record will cause the premiums to increase dramatically.

Cheap SR44 Insurance


We are sometimes asked about "cheap sr44 insurance".  There are two major types of Policies.  There is an FR44 policy which is usually required only after a conviction for a DUI or DWI conviction and there is an SR22 policy which is required by the Florida DMV after certain driving infractions.

There is no such thing as an SR44 automobile insurance policy - if you have been told you need such a policy do not panic, go back to the source and confirm exactly what you should have.  FR44 & SR22 Experts can help you with any high-risk policy you need


Why Work with the Florida FR44 Leaders?

Unique situations are never unique to us. We've heard thousands of stories and we've solved thousands of problems. We recommend the course of action that works for you... even if it means less commission on our end. What works well for someone in Miami, may not work well for another person in Tampa or Jacksonville. Choosing an agency that specializes in the FR44 market is critical. The FR44 Insurance Market is what we do... and we do it very well. A common mistake among people looking for Florida FR44 Insurance is that they mistakenly think it's called Florida SR 44 insurance. This is a common error, but rest assured, it's not a Florida SR 44... it's a Florida FR 44. What these people are referring to is Florida SR22 Insurance, which is for non-alcohol and non-drug-related driving suspensions.

fr44 insurance florida
DUI Insurance

Our Clients:

We work with many drivers who have had:

  • Multiple Traffic Violations
  • Do not own a vehicle, but are still required to purchase a Florida FR44
  • Those that have their Driver's License Suspended
  • One or multiple DUI's
  • And More...

Finding the Cheapest Florida FR44 Price

While we are rarely beaten on pricing, don't make the mistake of shopping on price alone. If the agency isn't well acquainted with the Florida FR44 filing process, you could incur additional fees, incur a longer suspension, or a host of other unanticipated repercussions by the Florida DMV. Experience in the FR44 market is critical when it comes to ensuring your paperwork is generated properly, submitted properly, and serviced properly in the event any issues should arise. An experienced Insurance Agency is almost as important as the company you choose to cover you! We also have another website you can visit for additional information:


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